Friday, 29 August 2014

Electric Picnic Picks - Bobby Picks

So today is the day, gates are open, and those of you lucky enough to have tickets are most likely making your way to Stradbally for this year's Electric Picnic. Here is a quick look at the acts that excite me most on this year's bill. (Seeing as Anto got to pick 6, I think it's only fair that I get to pick 7!!)

So, in no particular order:

The Eskies (Body and Soul Earthship Stage, Saturday)

PHOX (Little Big Tent, Saturday)

My Fellow Sponges (Trailer Park, Sunday)

Sinead White (Body and Soul Earthship Stage, Saturday)

Fiach Moriarty (Oxjam Stage, Sunday)

Cult Called Man (Salty Dog, Friday)

And a very special mention goes to Ashley Tubridy, who I had the absolute pleasure of dueting with at the Ballinamore Free Fringe Festival in Leitrim last weekend. You can catch this gifted young Troubadour on The Word Stage in the MindField area at around 2:45 on Sunday


Thursday, 28 August 2014

Album review - Mincer Ray - Fellow Traveller

Review by - Denis O'Gorman

Mincer Ray are a band with a really weird sound. Like a cross between The Lemonheads and The Dudley Corporation, with hints of an acoustic Frank Black, thrown in for good measure. This is a band that tries to be unique and sometimes succeeds. 

While the album itself has moments of greatness, it can be heavy going, twisting into all kinds of neurotic tangents. The album is just under 40 minutes long and for such a sound laden beast that it is, I get the feeling that although it reaches high, it never quite reaches the pinnacle it searches for. Don't let this put you off though, when Mincer Ray gets it right, it shines pure brilliance. Songs like Non-Denominational & Family,
A Pickaxe From My Mom and Couch Neighbour Catherine are stand out moments. There is a tendency to drift from slower laid-back ballads into psychotic instrumental attacks. The thing is though, while good, their instrumental pieces aren't great. This is my opinion of course, I could be dead wrong, but when I listen to this album and something about it keeps making me come back to listen. 

I hear a band that hasn't exactly found its own sound yet. The band themselves are a four-piece based in Berlin. It was formed by two American friends who decided to chase a dream, move to Europe and play in a band. The nature of this act, escaping on a journey, is I guess the drive behind the strange, searching music on the album and perhaps best explains why the sound seems unsettled. With two Americans, a Brazilian and a Swede all living in Germany, the possibilities of which direction they can go are limitless, surrounded as they are by all manner of musical influences. 

An album with hints of greatness, that hopefully signals at what is to come in the future, Mincer Ray haven't quite found their own identity yet, but I sincerely hope that they do, because if they become confident enough, to create an album that truly represents them, they will become on unstoppable force in the world. 



Monday, 25 August 2014

Folk 2une of the Week: The Lord of Thyme - Park Song

Something a bit random this week from UK based 'Middle Earth' folk band 'The Lord of Thyme'. This tune, 'Park Song' was re-posted on Soundcloud by Folk Radio UK and it enthralled me on first listen. Part old school Nick Drake, part Johnny Flynn, part psychedelic, 'Park Song' is perfect for the Autumn setting we find ourselves in;

More info:

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Throwback Thursday - Jeff Buckley's Lover, You Should've Come Over

Can't believe it's been 20 years since Grace was released. Donal Dineen and No Disko introduced me to Jeff's music and I bought 'Grace' on tape as soon as I could from Virgin Megastore on the Quays in Dublin. It's still my favourite album with my favourite tune being 'Lover, You Should've Come Over'.

Check out the original taken from Grace 1994:

There are hundred's of versions of this track online. A few were released such as this version from Natalie Maines which appeared on her 2013 album 'Mother':

Australian artist Matt Corby used to have 'Lover ...' in his set-list but probably dropped it to banish those Jeff Buckley comparisons. Still he did a great job of it ......

Oh .......... and then there was Jamie Cullum!

Go on now and take out your copy of Grace and give it a spin or better still .... hear Grace from start to finish live in Whelans on Saturday night:

Electric Picnic Picks - Peter Picks

With the gates to the biggest event on Ireland's festival calendar opening in just a week we decided that each of the 3 of us here are 2 U I Bestow would give you our top 5 must see bands at this years Electric Picnic. So here we are with Peter's must see acts this year in Stradbally.

Must See Overall -  Slowdive

The overall headliners do little for me so I'm picking Nostalgic Fuzzy Logic with Slowdive being my must see act over the weekend.

Must See Newcomer - Benjamin Booker

Being 22 and from New Orleans, you may not have had the pleasure of checking out Benjamin Booker's music brand of bluesy rock n roll. Be sure to get yourself out of the tent early over the weekend to catch one of the hottest acts on the line-up:


Must See Irish Band - Ham Sandwich

 Ham Sandwich never disappoint live and they'll up their game for the Picnic.

 Must See on the Salty Dog - Pete Pamf Sextet

You have to be there to hear tunes like this live, you just have to be there ....

Must See 4 The Craic - The Trampz [Trailer Park, Friday Night]

The smaller stages are full of band who are great fun to see live. Reverend JM's Panic Worship, The Viking Project, Duke Special, The Bionic Rats, Camille O'Sullivan but for my money the best fun will be dancing to the funky grooves of Dundalk's finest band ever; The Trampz

Monday, 18 August 2014

Folk 2une of the Week: Tupelo - Patagonia

Finally at this weekend's Jack of Diamonds I got to see Irish folk four piece 'Tupelo' for the first time and I was suitably impressed. Everything from stage presence, crowd interaction, musicianship as well as a set-list of great tunes makes 'Tupelo' one of Ireland's best live acts.

So if you don't believe me, maybe you should check out this video for their song 'Pathegonia' including footage of their January tour of Denmark. In fact all of Scandinavia can't get enough of Tupelo ....

Friday, 15 August 2014

Brownbread Mixtape at Electric Picnic

The Brown Bread Mixtape is a monthly themed event showcasing some of the best musicians, poets and performers in Ireland. Taking place on the last Wednesday of the month upstairs in The Stags Head in Dublin.

Once again, they will be descending on Electric Picnic, with their regular eclectic blend of music and spoken word. Here is a quick look at who will be taking to the Word Stage in Mindfield Area at 5pm on the Saturday and Sunday of this years festival.

All Ireland Slam Champ: Joe Cummins

Singer Songwriter extraordinaire: Pearse McGloughlin

With live comedy with the Brownbread Players and their usual raucous sing along including alternative Irish anthem, My Blood is Boiling For Ireland. The show will be hosted by MC and poet Kalle Ryan and promises to be something very special.

For more information check out:

5 Friday Videos - Electric Picnic Picks [Nick Mulvey, Youth Mass ...]

Check out our current 5 Picks for the Picnic spread across all stages announced on in this YouTube playlist where you'll see and hear official videos from:

Nick Mulvey,
Youth Mass,
Maud in Cahoots,
The Lost Brothers,
Bombay Bicycle Club

If you found a favourite above check out more music from the 5 picks here:

On the main stages you can check out the wonderful alt-folk sounds of Nick Mulvey:

Also on the main stages you'll get a chance to see Bombay Bicycle Club:

On the Body & Soul stage you can hear the indie sounds of Irish band Youth Mass:

Headlining the Earthship stage in the Body & Soul area are popstars in the making Maud in Cahoots:

Finally on the Jerry Fish stage get swooned by the harmonising vocals of The Lost Brothers:

Thursday, 14 August 2014

2Day's Electric Picnic Tune: I Am Niamh - The Waiting Game

Another Irish gem hidden away in the incredible Electric Picnic line up this year is Dublin's i am niamh. Another great addition to the already impressive Body and Soul Earthship stage.

i am niamh, comprises primarily of Dublin based solo project artist, Niamh Parkinson. Her musical style has be considered Avant-garde, shown through her classically trained voice with idiosyncratic tendencies in her music.

Since Niamh’s début EP Launch in 2013, I am Niamh has played an impressive number of shows, including a prime slot at Body & Soul Festival and toured around the UK. Her EP is receiving extensive national airplay, playing on top stations as RTE Lyric FM, 98FM and RTE Radio 1.  She has recently toured successfully around Germany and has supported Elenor McEvoy.  i am niamh has been shortlisted for the Big Break Hot Press competition! 

For anyone not lucky enough to have tickets to this years Electric Picnic, you can catch Niamh this Saturday (august 16th) at the Bello Bar in Dublin at 9pm as she opens for Death in the Sickroom.

To hear more from Niamh, head to

For any more information check out:

Throwback Thursday: Slowdive - When The Sun Hits

Nestled in the Electric Picnic line-up is one of my favourite bands from the 90's; Slowdive.

Their album "Souvlaki" is a stunning shoegazing spectacular album filled with fuzzy tunes like 'When The Sun Hits' that can be heard below live at the Village Underground in London .....

Check out this performance of the song from Primavera this year:

Be sure you see Slowdive at Electric Picnic.

More info:

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Damien Nash - Straight Up Lovin'

Ok I'm going to get this off my chest quickly...I am far too judgemental for my own good. I really am. I always felt this may be the case, but it took the debut album offering from Louth man Damien Nash to fully confirm this fact to me. For some reason, album covers containing any of the following 3 items turn me off a record straight away (May I add irrational to judgemental??) 1. Dice 2. an 8-ball 3. Playing cards. I have absolutely no idea why this may be the case!! I have absolutely no reason whatsoever to feel this way. Unfortunately, Damien's album cover contained 2 out of the 3 above and I instantly felt a little anxious as to the quality of what I was about to listen to...I could have not been more wrong.

The accomplished debut offering from Mr. Nash, Straight Up Lovin' is more than a little bit impressive. More so when you take into consideration the fact that the entire record was written, performed, produced, engineered and mastered by the man himself. I won't lie there are times when it sounds a little bit rough and
ready, but that seems to only add to the undeniably sexy charm of this album. It's raw, it's dirty, it's bluesy and effortlessly oozes sex appeal. Often times, it feels like David Bowie singing over huge Hendrix style guitar riffs. There are moments when the vocals sound like Richie Havens singing a classic Al Green number.

While the album starts stronger than it finishes, all in all it is an album of sincerely high quality. The absolute high point is the albums title track Straight Up Lovin'. A classic sounding acoustic blues track with so many twists and turns that it would have Frank Zappa scratching his head. I actually can't fault any of the tracks up to this point on the album...not at all. From the moment I heard the purposely messy beginnings of Take's It's Toll I was intrigued by Damien's seamless blending or rock, blues and soul. I just felt that the latter few tracks of the album lacked slightly in the same kind of exciting energy that was present in the first 8 or 9. Songs like Be There and I'm Dead Baby are good songs, but I just can't find the same excitement for them as I did for the earlier numbers.

Straight Up Lovin' has been getting a great reception, and it is not hard to see why. I have had this album on repeat in my car for the last few weeks, and I expect it will remain there for the foreseeable future. There is something very satisfying about driving on a sunny evening and  hearing Just Like That come on sounding like a tip of the cap to Carlos Santana's Samba Pa Ti. Damien is incredibly hard working and this is clearly a very lovingly and carefully crafted piece of work! Top notch stuff. And upon reflection...the album cover is quite cool...


Straight Up Lovin' is available now from here

For more information check out and

2Day's Electric Picnic Tune - Blondie "Hanging on the Telephone"

To this point in our recommendations of artists playing this years Electric Picnic we have stayed away from the big acts, the headliners, the main stages. This is not because I don't like the big acts playing this year, but because there are so many amazing small acts playing that are not getting the coverage and recognition they deserve. As far as I am concerned, it is the acts playing on the smaller stages that take a festival from being a good one into a great one! These are the folk who will provide you with a close up, intimate experience that you won't have on the bigger stages. They will chat to you after, they will have a pint with you, and who knows, they could just well be next year's Hozier.

That said, when I found  out that Blondie were on the bill this year, I got more than a little bit excited. Watching Debbie Harry perform Rainbow Connection on repeats of the Muppet Show in the 80's (For anyone interested, click here) was most likely one of those magical moments that defined the person I was to become over the proceeding years...Seriously...don't judge was very special...

So, for your listening pleasure this evening, here they are with Hanging on the Telephone

For more information on this year's sold out festival, head to

For anyone who (like me today...) would like to remind themselves of just how good a band Blondie have been over the past 4 decades, go to

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

2Day's Electric Picnic Tune - Cult Called Man "The Walkyr"

What can I say about Cult Called Man? For me they are on of the most original and exciting new acts in Ireland and are having an absolute bumper year, which has seen them being selected in the top 5 of the Hotpress Big Break competition and were among the first "expert picks" with Guinness Amplify! Fresh from their set at this years Knockanstockan, they are now preparing to appear on The Salty Dog stage at this years Electric Picnic. Check them out, you will not be dissappointed. Here they are with their brand new video for their brand new single The Walkyr. 

For more information click here

Monday, 11 August 2014

2Day's Electric Picnic Tune - Sinead White "Flat Battery"

Today's Electric Picnic recommendation comes from the absolutely wonderful Sinead White. Sinead is one of my favourite acts on the scene at the minute and Flat Battery is a moody, atmospheric, acoustic track with an absolute bucket load of attitude! All you lucky ticket holders can catch Sinead while she is playing the Body and Soul Earthship stage.

Head over to her Soundcloud and check out the rest of her stuff up there...Mouth Trumpet is an absolute cracker!! I honestly can not say enough good things about her work!

More information over at

Abner Browns at Electric Picnic

A barber a music festival...preposterous I hear you say...


A few weeks back we wrote a wee piece on Dublin's coolest little barber shop Abner Browns (Read here). One of the videos featured in that piece revealed that the good folks in Abner's will be curating the Oxjam Tent on the Sunday(August 31st) of this year's Electric Picnic. Here is a quick look at the fantastic line up they have produced for your listening pleasure this year.  (Click on the names for facebook links)

Fiach Moriarty

Kicking Bird

Jem Mitchell

The Statics

Ray Scully

The Viking Project

Mick Heslin



As well as a, yet to be anounced 2fm "play the picnic" winner and a King Kong Club/Abner Browns "play the picnic winner, which we will feature here as soon as we get word.

For those of you who have been lucky to get your hands on one of the hottest tickets of the summer, this has the makings of one hell of a line up and more than worth taking the time out of your busy day festivaling (Not a word...but should be) to check out some of the best that Irish talent has to offer!

Folk 2une of the Week: Emm Gryner & Chris Hadfield - So Easy

While more pop that folk I adore this charming, positive, life-affirming song from Canada's wonderful Emm Gryner with a little help from the awesome Chris Hadfield .....

'So Easy' is from Emm's new album 'Torrential' and can be bought here:

Sunday, 10 August 2014

2Day's Electric Picnic Tune - In The Willows "Sirens"

Happy Sunday all. Next in our list of Electric Picnic selections is the turn of Waterford native, alternative folk group In The Willows. For those of you lucky enough to have tickets, you will be able to catch these guys playing in on the Body and Soul Earthship stage at this years festival. Their debut album is due for release in September of this year, in the meantime, here they are with Sirens.

For more informations, check out

Saturday, 9 August 2014

2Day's Electric Picnic Tune - The Viking Project "A Year in Disppear"

In the lead up to Electric Picnic we will be featuring daily selections from artists playing at this years event in Stradbally Co. Laois.

Today it is the turn of Dublin Band, The Viking Project with a performance of  A Year in Disappear live in Dublin's coolest barber shop, Abner Browns (Abner Browns will also be curating a stage at this years festival, so check back here soon for more details.)

After retreating to the Wicklow hills to work on the follow up to their debut mini-album, the Viking Project are Dublin city bound for an Album Fundraiser Show in the Grand Social, 35 Lower Liffey Street on Friday 22nd of August. They will be showcasing material from their upcoming album A Year in Disappear. Doors are at 8.00pm and tickets, priced at €8, are available at the door. They will be joined by special guests My Fellow Sponges.

Friday, 8 August 2014

Review: Cambridge Folk Festival by Charlotte Jakobsen

 Cambridge Folk Festival – 50th anniversary  

By Charlotte Jakobsen, Denmark

For fans of folk music there has been a lot to look forward to this summer. Cambridge Folk Festival just celebrated its 50th and my favourite Tønder Festival in Denmark celebrates its 40th anniversary at the end of august.

It is wonderful to see how folk/americana/country music seems to become popular again. Just see the interest for Dolly Parton at Glastonbury and Garth Brook in Ireland this year.

I have often heard about Cambridge Folk Festival and decided to go for the first time.

The festival took place in the beautiful grounds of Cherry Hinton Hall and it was the perfect setting for the 4 days celebration. The festival offered an ambitious programme and there was a friendly and fun crowd.

The main acts were Van Morrison, Sinead O´Connor, Richard Thompson, Loudon Wainright and Rosanne Cash. Irish music was well represented by Lunasa, The High Kings, and Cara Dillon. They managed to get the big audiences dancing, singing and listening.

A folk festival is an ideal place to experience and discover new artists and I decided to check out quite a few. Unexpectedly they often left more of an impression than the main acts. Folk music is perfect for bringing out strong emotions and not many sing about severe heartbreak and pain better than the country singers.

One of them was Jason Isbell from Alabama. He left his band 400 Unit at home but his wife, songwriter and fiddle player Amanda Shires joined him on stage. He was an excellent story teller and it was hard not to get impressed by his highly personal songs and great voice.

From Nashville came Toronto born singer Lindi Ortega. She was a very colourful charismatic singer who sang with great passion and humour about broken hearts and failed relationship from a female perspective.

My Darling Clementine sang about marriage problems and cheating spouses in best country style. English married couple Michael Weston King and Lou Dalglish took us back to the Carter/Cash era whilst dressed in 1970 style brown and green polyester suit and dress. It was both very corny and entertaining at the same time.

The Full English gave a rare performance at Cambridge Folk Festival. Accomplished artists like Fay Hield, Martin Simpson, Nancy Kerr and Seth Lakeman performed new music and arrangements inspired by material found within the Full English archives – the world´s biggest digital archive of traditional English Folk music.

Later Seth Lakeman gave a great performance with his fiddle playing and unique sound.  His daunting dramatic songs are often inspired by the people and nature of the Westcountry.
It’s no wonder why he is becoming very popular even outside the folk scene.

Cambridge Festival has 2 main tents, a smaller Club Tent and the Den.

In my opinion, the only thing that did not work at the well-organised festival was the 2 big tents. They were both very narrow and long – with a marquee in front of the main stage. This limited the amount of festival goers who could actually see the stage or hear the music. For me it prevented me from getting the truly wonderful intense moments that you so easily get at other Folk Festivals. Personally, I thought it was a massive problem as most people had to sit outside on the grass or listen from the side of the tents where the sound was distorted and without the chance to see the artists on stage. When it rained there was nowhere to go as the tents were always totally packed. This would be the only reason for me not returning to the festival in future.

One place that was small, cosy and offered brilliant intense moments was The Den.It was an Indian style tent where you could sit and relax on carpets whilst listening to the young and upcoming songwriters.

One of them was The Intermission Project and especially the shy charming singer Jim Bubadua was excellent. I will be surprised if we don’t get to hear much more of him in future. Brothers and Bones was on the same time as Van Morrison so only a few saw the rare acoustic but highly enjoyable set.

My absolute favourite at the festival wasn’t even on my “must see” list.

Will Varly – a young English Folk/Poet/ Storyteller from London who just blew us away with a clever acoustic set of songs like “The sound of the market crashing”, “Send my love to the system” and “They wonder why we binge drink”. He had some quite serious political charged songs but he was hilariously funny and such a great entertainer. The magical moments I so often missed in the big tents I finally found here.

All in all, Cambridge Festival 2014 was in many ways a good and memorable experience.

Luckily we get to do it all again in a few weeks’ time at the amazing Tønder Festival, where Steve Earle, Runrig, the Chieftans, Martha Wainwright, Deer Tick, Alan Boyle and many more will be playing this year

5 Friday Videos [Jack of Diamonds Special]

This week's '5 Friday Videos' features 5 awesome official videos from the acts playing the 'Jack of Diamonds' festival next weekend in Dublin.

First up is the new single from 'Tucan' which highlights the new direction the instrumental band are taking ....


Official video for Tucan's track 'As It Was' from upcoming release 'Towers'. Directed by Bobby McGlynn and Bryan Quinn (BQ&Chrome). Cinematography by Peter Martin.


Tupelo - The Shifting Ground [ft Sharon Shannon]

'The Shifting Ground' by Tupelo and featuring Sharon Shannon.


Starring Kian Murphy, Tia Murphy and Shane Robinson . 

Created by Whispered Films.
Director: Patrick Murphy
D.O.P: Stephen C. Walsh
Assistant: Oksana Ryzhykh

Created by Whispered Films.

You can catch both Tucan & Tupelo live in The Button Factory on Saturday 16th Aug with Prison Love and Rackhouse Pilfer.


Rackhouse Pilfer - Bright Lights

Bright Lights. First single from Rackhouse Pilfers second album "Love and Havoc" 
Single available on Itunes, Amazon etc.
Album available on Itunes, Amazon etc and
Starring John Morton, Rosey Hayes, Wayne Farry.
Shot by Anthony Barry and Sean Clancy
Directed/Edited by Sean Clancy


The Eskies - Fever

The Eskies debut single Fever released 4th of April 2014.
Taken from their forthcoming album 'After the Sherry Went Round' due for release in September 2014.
Recorded and Mixed at Orphan Studios with Gavin Glass
Directed by Delwyn Mooney of Cardel Entertainment
Edited by David Keeling


Corner Boy - Ghost Town City

Official music video 'Ghost town city'.
Available to buy (iTunes):

Filmed on location in County Dublin, Ireland. 
Actor: Gary Lydon.

More info on Jack of Diamonds here:

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Throwback Thursday - I'm Still Waiting [Diana Ross, Perry Blake]

You know that warm feeling you get from hearing a sweet song from your childhood. Well a number of years ago I heard a version of the Diana Ross classic 'I'm Still Waiting' by Sligo folk artist Perry Blake and it blew me away. I adore this song with Perry's delicate live version reigning supreme.

The track is from Perry's awesome live album 'Broken Statues' available here:

More info:

If you're familiar with the Diana Ross classic you might want to check out this fine remix here:

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Live Review - Picturehouse at The Button Factory July 30th

Review by Shauna McDaniel

After a hiatus of 10 years and a chance song writing session with Lasse Anderson (son of ABBA’s Stig Anderson), Dublin based band Picturehouse have released their latest album Evolution. Even though they are mainly known for being a self-funded band, this album has led to them being signed by Cherry Red Records label in July 2014.
Last Wednesday Picturehouse played the stiflingly airless box that is the Button Factory for the launch of Evolution. They were supported by alternative folk duo Hunting the Brave that is made up of vocalist John Sadlier and guitarist Hughie Devine. They were a real peppy start to the evening and the mixture of their bouncy guitar and Sadlier’s seemingly effortless vocals provided a real uplifting tone.
The small yet dedicated crowd ensured that, even though the venue was by no means full, all those present were devoted to the latent sunny vibe of Picturehouse. Lead vocalist Dave Browne bounded onstage with the rest of his six piece band as the crowd began to limber up in anticipation. The evening began with boy band (esque) songs like Somebody Somewhere and Pornstar and as the gig progressed there was a definite mix of Eagles harmonies, Phil Collins type vocals and Boyzone/Westlife sentimentality.
Heavenly Day saw the entire audience singing the chorus and there was a real feeling of camaraderie among the crowd when they launched into Everybody Loves May Girl. Dave Brown had amazing energy and did a great job getting everyone in form. His humour came to the fore when he introduced the members of his band and when an audience member shouted out And what do you do? Brown smirked I’m David Brown and I’m on the piss!
Vocally and instrumentally Picturehouse took the audience on a trip down memory lane however the two keyboards lent a wedding band vibe to the evening which was out of place. The night took a sombre turn when Browne gave us a glimpse into his tender relationship with his daughter as he sang the touching Every Step of the Way. The night ended on a more pleasant track with their most recognisable hit Sunburst which had the crowd going wild.

Evolution appears to be an album filled with joyous chorus’ and upbeat tempos and looks set to increase their dedicated following even further.

For more information head to
Follow them on twitter at @PictureHouse_ie

Taken from Evolution here is Rules of Science

Monday, 4 August 2014

Folk 2une of the Week: Dry The River - Gethsemane

One of the most anticipated albums of the year is the second from Dry The River entitled 'Alarms in the Heart' which is available to pre-order now and released on August 25th.

Here's the first single from the album - 'Gethsemane'

If you'd like check out the awesome video ......

UK & US tour dates are online here but sadly no Irish date yet :(

Saturday, 2 August 2014

Mix - Best of 2014 [So Far]

While I [Peter N] stepped back from blogging I still kept a keen interest in finding new music to love.

Here's a playlist of 10 of the best tracks I've found this year .....

1. First Aid Kit - Silver Lining
2. Jess Klein - If There's a God
3. William Fitzsimmons - Fortune
4. Joseph Arthur - Walk on the Wild Side
5. Caitlin Park - Lemonade
6. Nick Mulvey - Cucurucu
7. Joan as Police Woman - Holy City
8. James Vincent McMorrow - Cavalier
9. Drive-ByTruckers - Pauline Hawkins
10. John Butler Trio - Only One

Friday, 1 August 2014

5 Friday Videos [Marc O'Reilly, Bear's Den, Rainy Boy Sleep ....]

It's Friday, the weekend is around the corner and you want to spend a few minutes listening to new music and checking out some great videos .....

well I hear ya!

Check these great videos out:

Marc O'Reilly - The Wayward Shepherd

What a great live video for the awesome new single from Ireland's hottest acts 'Marc O'Reilly'.

Marc O'Reilly performing 'The Wayward Shepherd' live for Press Record in Asylum Studios. See for more videos

Producer/Engineer - Robin Ball 'Mixermanhattan'
Assistant Engineer/Guitar Tech - Stephen Caffery
Director/Camera - Bob Gallagher
Additional Camera - Ellius Grace / John Barker


Bear's Den - Elysium

When Bear's Den release their debut album expect them to go global with their brand of catchy folk.

Directed by James Marcus Haney 
Produced by Alex Gao
Cinematography by James Marcus Haney and Alex Gao
Edited by Jack Murgatroyd
Color by Edwin Eversole
Additional camera operators: David Faddis and Campbell MacCulloch


Rainy Boy Sleep - Ambulance

Artist walking towards camera ...... check
Iconic scenes around Dublin ....... check
Pretty girls ........ check
Children choir at end of song ........ bizarrely check!


People Get Ready - Physiques

Love the concept for this video from New York four piece 'People Get Ready'. 

Video directed by TY FLOWERS (


Ultan Conlon - The River Flows & The Woods Creep

What a delicate little video for a great tune from Ultan Conlon with Sabrina Dinan ....


Enjoy the weekend!