Thursday, 31 March 2011

Amhrán Gach Lá - Emmet Scanlan

A year after the earthquake in Haite and a much needed charity single is being released by Emmet Scanlan and What The Good Thought on itunes:

"Emmet Scanlan & WTGT Charity single 'A man may cry' available from itunes on Friday 25th March. ALL proceeds go to Haiti Haven Charity.

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Vantastival Mixtape

Have a listen to 10 songs from some of the best acts playing Vantastival in a few weeks!

Vantastival Lineup for 2011

Friday 29th April

Donal Dineen & Niwel Tsumbu

Windings - Cathedrals by OOAL

Louisiana Joyride
Bill Coleman
Rainy Boy Sleep
The Fontanels
DC Tempest
little xs for eyes
Adela and the Meanits

Adela & The Meanits - Kiss Me Frog by RisingStars

DJ Shane Tobler

Saturday 30th April

Duke Special
The Frank and Walters
The Cast of Cheers
We Cut Corners
Sounds of System Breakdown
The Dirty 9s

The Dirty 9s - Lucy Opus - The Acoustic Version by TheDirty9s

Preacher's Son
Pressure Drop
Anthony Furey and The Young Folk
The Fallen Drakes

The Fallen Drakes - Masquerade by kth0122

Identity Parade
Catherine Dowling
I'd Fight Gandhi

Hiding In The Corner by TKOHQ

Heroes in Hiding
The Amazing Few
She's a Beauty
The Casanova Wave
Saving J
The Butterfly Graveyard

The Butterfly Graveyard 'Writing You Off' by puremusicmanagement

Black Svan
The Cabin Fever Band
Ghost Estates
Fox E and the Good Hands

Please Me by Fox.E and the Good Hands

Reverend JM's Panic Worship
Cry Monster Cry
Saint John the Gambler
Gypsy Rebel Rabble

Sunday May 1st

Whipping Boy
Alabama 3 Acoustic & Unplugged
Wallis Bird
Jamie Lawson
The Cujo Family
The Hot Sprockets
Miracle Bell
The Riptide Movement
Prairie Dawgs

12 L. Momma Angels by Prairie Dawgs

Bipolar Empire
Sweet Jane
Cold Comfort
Beans on Toast

ARTMONEYART by Beans on Toast

The Barley Mob
The Gandhis
The Bluestack Mountain Boys
Von Shakes

Von Shakes - My Side by I-NV-U Records

The Kapitals
Machine Gun Baby
Henrietta Game
Toy Soldier
Neptune City
Albrecht's Pencil
Jupiter and the Infinite
The Curtain Thieves

Bulletproof (Full Track) by The Curtain Thieves

Kloe Humm
Chocolate Orange

Monday, 28 March 2011

Jukebox Gypsy Interview [originally on 4fortyfour]

Jukebox Gypsy are a five piece acoustic folk band formed out of Liverpool. Their imminent Irish tour in support of the bands' second album entitled 'The Month' will see Jukebox Gypsy play venues in every part of the country. Here Isaac answers a few questions about the band, the songwriting process, their inspirations and previous Irish tours.

Hi Isaac, how did the five members of Jukebox Gypsy come together.

Hi Peter, The coming together of the different members of the band has been kind of a cumulative process but we first started as a three-piece in Liverpool in 2007. Dave, Ben and Johanna all lived in a big ol´ converted pub called The Spekeland, which used to house a lot of bands and that's where I first started playing with Ben and Dave. We went around as a three piece for a good while and eventually took the act on the road in Ireland. Johanna came along for the ride and it was only after a good few gigs that we realized she had a gorgeous voice and should naturally be singing with us! Having her sing with us really brought everything together. We started going over to Ireland to tour pretty regularly after that and met Bean when we played at the Shack in Athlone. Bean is great at picking songs up real quick and with us not having a bassist at the time we were grateful he was willing to join in on the debauchery of the road! We've come a ways since then but that's how it all came together.

What inspires the band to make music together?

I'd say we're inspired to play together by the way the songs are transformed and really come to life when we give them the proper band treatment. Getting to take those songs on the road and see them change even more after they've been gigged for a while really keeps us going when we´re touring.

How would you describe your music and 'Jukebox Gypsy' as a band?

It's hard to put a genre on the music as we all write in different styles but there are definitely a number of common characteristics. We´re an acoustic band and have always put a lot of emphasis on harmonies and acoustic guitar work. All five of us sing so the songs can range from having three to five part harmonies depending on what fits. Most of us take our influence from folk or folk-rock music but my influences come more from the American strain, Johanna takes hers from old English folk songs. So even within our common interest in folk music we cover a lot of ground. As for Jukebox Gypsy as a band, well, it's a mess! No, I'm kidding. We´re all pretty easy-going people and the way the band has grown, with us all writing songs, means there's no one person that leads. Some people may see this as a bad thing but it means we get to cover a lot of different styles and it keeps everyone in the band on their toes.

On your debut album it states that all songs were written by the band collectively. Could you go into a bit of detail explaining the songwriting process of Jukebox Gypsy?

Usually one of us will write the lyrics and basic chord structure of a song and then present it to the others. Then we play it for a while, get familiar with it and try to work out some harmonies and guitar parts. Often the songwriter will sing the lead part and the rest of us will embellish with harmonies but we also do a lot of swapping around. On our new album ´The Month´, that's coming out in April, we´ve tried to split things up more by sharing verses or having another member of the band sing the lead part. Because we all sing and play various instruments, it gives us a lot of freedom to change songs around and record them as we think they should sound. Particularly in the studio we do a lot of experimenting with different arrangements for the same song. Eventually we'll settle on one arrangement, gig it a lot and watch it change into something else again!

Instead of asking the usual question about musical influences I'll ask you if there's any unsung personal hero who has guided yourself or the band over the last number of years?

A few years back Dave brought 'Post Office' by Charles Bukowski on the road with him. Ben and I both read it in the same week and have been living by his philosophies ever since. After reading Post Office, we went through his other books pretty fast. The way he can describe the brutal honesty and (usually) misery of a situation in one line is what captivates me. For Ben its a little different. Being into horse racing, drinking and lots of women, they're actually quite a like!

There's real diversity on the debut album. The song topics and musical style changes with each song to great effect. What are the main themes and musical styles of the new album 'The Month'?

The new album is probably more diverse than our first one. Musically, its got folk, country, jazz, gospel blues and even some 80s rock! With us all contributing songs, we really haven't put any limits on whats 'allowed' on the album or not. We've just been interested in strong songs, whatever the musical style may be. Topically, I think a lot of the album is a reflection on all the time we've spent together gigging through Ireland and some hard times we went through. We chose 'The Month' as the title track because it's about a month that we were on the road and everything just went tits up. Those times are important because they can make or break a band, so Im happy to say we made it through in one piece.

Jukebox Gypsy are touring Ireland in April for the fourth time! What's the response been like in Ireland to the band?

When we first came over we had about 15 gigs booked and we ended up staying for months. We've had such a better response in Ireland than we could ever have imagined in England--maybe because of the strong cultural tradition of acoustic music in Ireland or because we all like a few drinks in return for a song (another good tradition). That first tour we really didn't know anybody except David McLynn, our promoter, and we travelled with a whole bunch of camping gear just pitching tents where ever we could. The first night we were in Ireland we pitched up two tents in the cemetery of Enniskerry and were awoken in the morning by construction workers having their tea. I was worried they were gonna tell us off but they were friendly as hell. That first time around in Ireland we did a lot of busking, impromptu gigs in pubs for pints and getting to know people. Since then the tours have been more and more organized and now we've got 30 dates booked for April alone.

Are there any bizarre spinal tap memories of the previous three tours of Ireland you want to share?

As for past Spinal Tap moments … some of them are definitely to vulgar to mention here! But we've had some cracking times. On the first time over to Ireland, we got to play a radio show in Belfast on FEILE FM. It was a live show and because of a computer error a Britney Spears song came on instead of us. That was our introduction to radio. A couple of years later we were meant to play on the radio near Mullingar somewhere on a pretty established radio show so we were excited to play it. As we were driving to the station the host of the show called out for us on air, asking where the hell we were. As it turned out, we'd gotten the time wrong by an hour and had managed to piss off the host and a choir of old ladies who were waiting to get on. There was another classic moment where we were busking and got asked to come and play at this party. We had no money or anywhere to stay and hadn't eaten for about two days. When we turned up it was a hong kong millionaires party, they had hired Edith Summerville's house in Cork and hired loads of servants. The band was treated to fresh lobster and champagne all night.

How can fans-to-be gain access to your music?

Fans-to-be are welcome to join us on our website, our SoundCloud page and Facebook . We try to keep everyone up to date on the website so if you don't have Facebook no worries!

Waves by Jukebox Gypsy

Tour Dates:

Fri 1st - The Widows, Belturbet, Co. Cavan
Sat 2nd - Spells Bar, Ballaghdareen, Co. Roscommon

Sun 3rd - The Passionfruit Theatre, Athlone, Co. Westmeath
Mon 4th – The Spirit Store, Dundalk, Co. Louth
Tues 5th - The Candlelight Sessions, The Sky and the Ground, Wexford Town
Wed 6th - New Music Club at Brazils, Clonmel, Co. Tipperary
Thurs 7th – The Hole in the Wall, Kilkenny City
Fri 8th - The Mall Pub, Kileshin Rd, Carlow, Co. Carlow
Sat 9th - Skellys, Ballymahon, Co. Longford
Sun 10th – Maud Millars, Ballinasloe, Co. Galway
Mon 11th – The Roisin Dubh, Galway
Wed 13th - The Sitting Room Sessions at DeBarras, Clonakilty
Thurs 14th - Crane Lane Theatre, Cork City (Midnight)
Fri 15th - Kennys, The Village Inn, Lahinch, Co. Clare
Sat 16th - The Locke Bar, Quay St, Limerick
Sun 17th - John Daly's, Mullingar, Co. Westmeath

Tues 19th - The Ruby Sessions @ Doyles, College Green, Dublin

Wed 20th - The Zodiac Sessions @ Bruxelles, Grafton St, Dublin
Thurs 21st - Dimestore Recordings night at Sweeneys, Dame St, Dublin
Fri 22nd - Suicide Awareness Concert at Charleville Castle, Tullamore, Co. Offaly
Sat 23rd - JJ Harlows, The Square, Roscommon Town
Sun 24th - The Sky and the Ground, Wexford Town
Tues 26th - Boyles of Slane, Co. Meath
Wed 27th - New Music Club at Brazils, Clonmel, Co. Tipperary
Thurs 28th - Campions, Cashel, Co. Tipperary

Fri 29th - The Snug, Athlone, Co. Westmeath
Sat 30th - 'The Grass Is Always Greener' hosted by James O'Connor at Napper Tandy's, Stradbally, Co. Laois

Sun 1st - The Gonzo Theatre, Cavan Town

Amhrán Gach Lá - Large Mound

I love the concept behind Large Mound's new album release.

On the 25th of each month Large Mound are releasing a new song. This month's track is called 'Gypsy Bride' and it's a great tune.

Isn't the artwork brilliant!

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Single Review: The Riot Tapes - Photograph

Photograph is the first release from Dublin band The Riot Tapes and it's a pretty tasty tune that showcases their energy and talent.

I do echo what Harmless Noise wrote about The Riot Tapes in that you have to have a perspective that The Riot Tapes are a young band who not long making music together. The band have a respectable online profile and are their own PR machine! The buzz they've manufactured for themselves is however backed up by wonderful guitar based pop which is designed to make life seem sweeter.

Elaine's vocals are quality throughout the single 'Photograph' and the lyrics are catchy. The guitar riffs build up nicely to the chorus which along with the drum-beat almost makes it impossible not to nod your head or tap your foot. Yes ... yes it's radio friendly indie pop which reminds me a little of Texas with a splash of Garbage but that's good .... isn't it?

Check out the single and if you really like you can go buy it through i-tunes.

The Riot Tapes - Photograph (single) by the riot tapes


Amhrán Gach Lá - Tupelo

Irish rootsy blues band Tupelo are playing Whelans this Saturday night which will be reviewed for this here blog!

Here's a track from the band's debut album here:

TUPELO - Figure It Out from evilelvis on Vimeo.

Tupelo are also playing this interesting Music Festival in Co. Clare on the June Bank Holiday!

Here's the line-up:

Two days, Three stages, 24 hours of mindblowing musical madness…


Many more eclectic confirmations to come over the following weeks, get your TICKETS now!

THE BIG TOP (The biggest of toppers)

Imelda May
Peter Hook and ‘The Light’ present Joy Divisions Unknown Pleasures
The Amplifetes
Those Dancing Days
Mathew and the Atlas
Scott Mathews
Ellen and the Escapades
Ben Howard
The Travelling Band

THE ISLAND (The beats and the rhythmical)

Jamie xx
Electric Wire Hustle
The Nextmen featuring MC Wrec
Africa Hitech (aka Mark Pritchard and Steve Spacek)
Shigeto Live
TY and Big Ted
Paul White Live
DJ Lefto
Bass Clef
Trojan Sound System
Sir Vinyl
Falling Up
Wildcookie (aka Freddie Cruger and Anthony Mills)

ASTRAY STAGE (The wonderfully wyrd)

Friska Viljor
Le Galaxie
Kate Walsh
Ivan St John
James Owen Fender
Brother and Bones
Sleep Thieves
Miracle Bell
O Emperor
Masters In France
Rooftop Anthem
Zombie Computer
Woodpecker Wooliams
Satellite Generals
Israel Cannan
Nicholas James Mallins
Battle for 2nd Place
Better Rabbit
Laura Sheeran
Hugo Kensdale
Dead Red Light
Fox Jaw Bounty Hunters

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Amhrán Gach Lá - Resurrection Fern

You can now stream a bunch of songs taken from the Resurrection Fern album released last year.

Have a listen to the song I chose as the best song of 2010:

03 Brothers by Resurrection Fern

The other songs on Soundcloud can be heard here:

Friday, 25 March 2011

Amhrán Gach Lá - Kiernan McMullan

Friday is cover's day on the blog so I have Imogen Heap's 'Hide and Seek' performed by the wonderful Kiernan McMullan from a studio in Nashville.

You can also download this track for free from here:

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Amhrán Gach Lá - Pete Courtney

Pete Courtney is playing a “one of these kids thanksgiving” show on the 10th anniversary of the album’s release on Monday April 25th. Ten years ago when Pete was gigging and flogging his debut many people thought it would be Pete and not Damien/Mundy/Damo D to become a household name.

It is Pete’s first headline gig in Whelan’s since 2004.

'One of These Kids' is one of my favourite ever Irish albums. I'll be in Whelans for sure.

Get yourself a free download of the album's closer here!

Monday, 21 March 2011

Album Review: Favourite Sons - The Great Deal of Love

There's a certain element of luck when you find the perfect album to suit your mood, outlook and personality. 'The Great Deal of Love' is an album I can't stop listening to. I adore this album.

I got a little buzz a few weeks back when Favourite Son's singer and former singer with Rollerskate Skinny Ken Griffin contacted me with a link to his band's second album. Shoulder Voices from 1993 was as important to me in my teenage years as Nevermind or Ten was! Rollerskate Skinny even got to do the 1994 Lollapalooza tour. The band broke up around 1997 with Ken Griffin taking a musical hiatus until around 2004 when from a New York base he formed 'Favourite Sons'. The 2006 debut 'Down Beside Your Beauty' is a superb indie album.

Moving on five years and 'Favourite Sons' are booked to play the Cork X Southwest Festival and are about to release the album entitled 'The Great Deal of Love'. I've already said about that for me at this moment the album is perfect. It's a funny, quirky, catchy and engaging album which draws the listening into the depths of the songs.

Safe For All Seasons by FavouriteSons

The album kicks off with 'Safe for all Season' which is a solid opener. The ultra catchy 'Sweet Upon The Vine' follows with it's effective backing vocals, engaging lyrics and uplifting trumpet. The vocals from Ken Griffin are as good as I can remember from back in the early 90's and the lyrics are just as engaging. The Calexico-esque 'Pretty Young Blood' at only 98 seconds has to be one of the best short songs ever. While these tracks at the beginning of the album shine it's the tracks near the back end of the album which really impress!

The title track has all the best lines. The catchy chorus of 'I love. I love. I Love to watch you live your life the wrong way, expecting way too much out from the day' is both heartbreaking and thought-provoking. Ken's vocals draw you into the song and you're with him when he changes his outlook on his subject by encouraging her to 'live your whole life the wrong way'. This is followed by another wonderfully written track 'For Dear Life' with it's uplifting lyrics and similes. I also adore the lyrics of the track 'They Call Me Coco Rushdie'.

If Jack L became the front man of Calexico I'd imagine this to be the resulting album. Every song is quality on the album. Some of them trickle without much impact but those tracks which I discussed are so engaging and thought-provoking that I can't recommend this album enough.

Favourite Sons - The Great Deal of Love [12 out of 12]

Sweet Upon The Vine by FavouriteSons


Amhrán Gach Lá - Whipping Boy

I'm delighted to hear that Whipping Boy has been added to the Vantastival line-up.

Here's a live version of Twinkle I found floating about on Soundcloud:

Twinkle by wbest

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Amhrán Gach Lá - Nina Hynes

I've written this on Friday knowing full well that last night at the Irish Blog Awards one of two things happened. Either Harmless Noise or this blog get even more recognition for their hard work or the Irish Blog Awards will slap the back of the establishment.

I may in fact be happier if Nay gets the award than this blog. Even though our musical tastes barely overlap Harmless Noise is essential daily reading for anyone wanting to hear new Irish music.

Here's a beautiful tune from an artist we both share a passion for!

11 Turn on by ninahynes

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Amhrán Gach Lá - Declan O'Rourke

Declan O'Rourke is back with his third studio album entitled 'Mag Pai Zai'

The album leads with the single ‘A Little Something.’


1. Slíeve Bloom
2. Time Machine
3. A Little Something
4. Be Brave and Believe
5. Lightning Bird Wind River Man
6. Langley’s Requiem
7. Dancing Song
8. Caterpillar DNA
9. Orphan Wind Song
10. The Hardest Fight

Have a listen to track two 'Time Machine' from a New York gig at the back end of 2009.

Friday, 18 March 2011

Amhrán Gach Lá - Elaine Mai

Friday is covers day in the 'Amhrán Gach Lá' daily feature. This post should blend with the introduction posts as today's cover comes from someone I've yet to feature on the blog.

Elaine Mai recorded this version of Lady Gaga's Telephone for RTE Pulse and can be heard and downloaded here:

Elaine Mai - Telephone by scottdb

Galway's Elaine Mai is also the lead singer with Go Panda Go and has been receiving a lot of attention from DJs and bloggers. From checking out her tunes I can see why!

Tour Dates:

19 Mar 2011 21:00 The Workman's Club, w/The Casanova wave & Go Panda Go

26 Mar 2011 19:30 The Button Factory, Strange Brew @The Button Factory

6 Apr 2011 21:00 Roisin Dubh, The Roisin Sessions


Thursday, 17 March 2011

Amhrán Gach Lá - Fling

Happy St. Patrick's Day

To finish my mini traditional music series I'm going to finish with a song from the best traditional folk band in Ireland; Fling.

Fling from Galway bring together traditional Irish songs and blend them with Russian/Eastern Europe sounds to create a unique sound for the future! The band are busy recording their debut album and I can see them being mega in the folk world.

Check out this traditional track here:

Jack the Buck by Fling

Now check out this Dylan-esque folk song here:

Friend of Mine by Fling

Links: Facebook


Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Midweek Round-up #3

It's been a few weeks since I did a round up of events happening. Also since the blog makeover I think gig posters are looking very clear & readable on the blog.

Here's the first event I wish I was at! Tomorrow from 3PM!


Here's aother gigi I'd love to be at: Friday 18th March in SXSW:

Creekside Stage

1:00 Pint Shot Riot(London)
2:00 O Emperor(Waterford, Ireland)
3:00 Sweet Jane(Dublin, Ireland)
4:00 Funeral Suits(Dublin, Ireland)
5.00 Revolver (Paris, France)
5.45 The Mighty Stef(Dublin, Ireland)
6.15 7.00 Bob Geldof and Band (London)
7.15 BP Fallon and his band (Dublin & NYC)

Cantina Stage
12:30 Rarely Seen Above Ground (Killkenny, Ireland)
1:30 Leo Rondeau (Austin, Texas)
2:30 Skiggy Rapz (Netherlands)
3:30 Hell & Lula (Los Angeles, CA)
4:30 Ham Sandwich (Dublin, Ireland)
5:30 The Lost Brothers (Navan & Armagh, Ireland)

9:00 Gavin Glass (Dublin, Ireland)
9:45 Thee Attacks (Copenhagen, Denmark)
10:30 Sour Soul (Mexico City)
11:15 Grand Atlantic (Brisbane Australia)



This Friday is the launch of Ross Breen's album in Crawdaddy.

Download Ross's impressive EP for free here:


Wednesday 23rd March is the date for the next Where The Mugic Happens:


7PM - 11:30PM


Line up:




Grab yourself a copy of Arrow in the Sky's wonderful EP; 'Winter's Requiem'


If you don't catch Arrow in the Sky on Wednesday in the Button Factory fear not as you can catch them with The Hot Sprockets and Yngve & The Innocent in The Grand Social:

I was delighted when I heard this tune on Rick O'Shea's radio show the other day!

Beautiful music!

Draw A Line by Yngve & The Innocent


May Bank Holiday Festival in Slane: The Sibin Festival

There are five stages including a Reggae and DnB stage along with a


The Infomatics
The Hot Sprockets
The Cujo Family
Cold Comfort
The Whipround
Guilty Boy Association
New Secret Weapon
Gypsy Rebel Rabble

Here's a track from The Whipround:

Shanty Town by The Whipround by Natty Growler


Yesterday the Navan Live line-up was announced:

There's some high profile support slots for newer bands like Henrietta Game, The Lost Brothers and Red Queen Contest at Navan Live.

The Navin Live crew even went for 2 posters!


Amhrán Gach Lá - Damien Dempsey

Of all the troubadours who made it big a decade ago Damien Dempsey is the one artist continually working and re-inventing himself with every album. I thought the last album of old traditional ballads was amazing and this version of The Rocky Road to Dublin is of the highest quality!

Damien Dempsey - The Rocky Road To Dublin by 2uibestow

Catch him in Drogheda tonight and in Ashbourne tomorrow:


Thursday, 17th March
Doors open @ 8pm
Tickets available from hotel reception, and priced €22.50

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Amhrán Gach Lá - Wicker Bones

Wicker Bones are doing their best to keep the tradition of Irish ballads alive and well. The band is Keelan Byrne - Bouzouki, Dylan Curran - Violin, Ian Grahame - Mandolin, Neil Holland - Bodhran and Bryan Dunphy - Guitar and Vocals and are off to Amsterdam for a gig in Mulligans Bar on St Patrick's Day.


01 Planxty Irwin - The Parting Glass by WickerBones

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Amhrán Gach Lá - Lisa Hannigan

Look at this Festival?

Happening at the same time as Glastonbury in Atlantic City New Jersey, The Dave Matthews Caravan festival takes place with a superb line-up!

The lineup includes David Gray,
Ray LaMontagne,
The Flaming Lips,
Damian Marley,
Amos Lee,
Michael Franti and Spearhead,
Warren Haynes Band,
Bobby Long and special performances by Dave Matthews Band members Carter Beauford, Stefan Lessard plus a Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds acoustic set

Amongst the line-up is Lisa Hannigan who is busy recording her second album in North Wales at the moment.

Here's Lisa Performing Lille for Rolling Stone Magazine:

Friday, 11 March 2011

Introducing: Gypsies on the Autobahn

Gypsies on the Autobahn are one of the most talked about bands in Ireland. Sure they even managed to get their music onto Spin! The four piece from Cabra make the kind of pop/rock music that we Irish have become really proficient at doing. The band have been together for five years so the success if it arrives won't be an overnight thing. The confident arrangement of the songs below confirms to me that the band are ready for more exposure!

See the band tonight in The Academy 2 tonight for just €7. Support comes from Little Green Cars and Customer Love Affair.


You must check out this track! An imminent hit?

Hidden by Gypsies On The Autobahn

This track proves that Gypsies have an edge! It ain't all about Pop!

Suited Suitors by Gypsies On The Autobahn

Monday, 7 March 2011

Amhrán Gach Lá - Adella & The Meanits

One of the blog's most anticipated albums to hear this year is by Adela & The Meanits. Here's a video of one of the song's to feature on the debut 'Fat Cats in Suits'.


Sunday, 6 March 2011

Amhrán Gach Lá - Jukebox Gypsy

On the day Liverpool have another chance to help anyone but Man Utd to win the League it's appropriate to post a song from my favourite Liverpool band; Jukebox Gypsy! Well alright my favourite band from Liverpool that's still releasing new material!

05 The Redwood Song by Jukebox Gypsy

The band are playing everywhere in Ireland during April!


Fri 1st - The Widows, Belturbet, Co. Cavan

Sat 2nd - Spells Bar, Ballaghdareen, Co. Roscommon

Sun 3rd - The Passionfruit Theatre, Athlone, Co. Westmeath

Mon 4th – The Spirit Store, Dundalk, Co. Louth

Tues 5th - The Candlelight Sessions, The Sky and the Ground, Wexford Town

Wed 6th - New Music Club at Brazils, Clonmel, Co. Tipperary

Thurs 7th – The Hole in the Wall, Kilkenny City

Fri 8th - The Mall Pub, Kileshin Rd, Carlow, Co. Carlow

Sat 9th - Skellys, Ballymahon, Co. Longford

Sun 10th – Maud Millars, Ballinasloe, Co. Galway

Mon 11th – The Roisin Dubh, Galway

Wed 13th - The Sitting Room Sessions at DeBarras, Clonakilty

Thurs 14th - Crane Lane Theatre, Cork City (Midnight)

Fri 15th - Kennys, The Village Inn, Lahinch, Co. Clare

Sat 16th - The Locke Bar, Quay St, Limerick

Sun 17th - John Daly's, Mullingar, Co. Westmeath

Tues 19th - The Ruby Sessions @ Doyles, College Green, Dublin

Wed 20th - The Zodiac Sessions @ Bruxelles, Grafton St, Dublin

Thurs 21st - Dimestore Recordings night at Sweeneys, Dame St, Dublin

Fri 22nd - Suicide Awareness Concert at Charleville Castle, Tullamore, Co. Offaly

Sat 23rd - JJ Harlows, The Square, Roscommon Town

Sun 24th - The Sky and the Ground, Wexford Town

Tues 26th - Boyles of Slane, Co. Meath

Wed 27th - New Music Club at Brazils, Clonmel, Co. Tipperary

Thurs 28th - Campions, Cashel, Co. Tipperary

Fri 29th - The Snug, Athlone, Co. Westmeath

Sat 30th - 'The Grass Is Always Greener' hosted by James O'Connor at Napper Tandy's, Stradbally, Co. Laois


Sun 1st - The Gonzo Theatre, Cavan Town

This is the artwork for the new album released in time for the tour called 'The Month'!

Saturday, 5 March 2011

The Irish at SXSW Mixtape

South by SouthWest (SXSW) takes place from March 16th-20th in Austin, Texas.

Find 10 tracks from the Irish bands making the trip as well as links to all the bands!

This year’s Irish bands are:

Adebisi Shank

Funeral Suits

Funeral Suits- Colour Fade (single) by Brassneckman

General Fiasco

Buildings by General Fiasco by infectiousmusicuk


I Raise Bears (featuring Katie Kim) edit by halves

Ham Sandwich

Ham Sandwich - The Naturist by tigger_sinclair

James Vincent McMorrow

If I Had A Boat (Star Slinger's R 'n' B Thug Mix) - James Vincent McMorrow by Star Slinger

Kormac’s Big Band


LaFaro: The Ballad Of Burnt Dave by CultureNI

O Emperor

Oh Ruin

Pierce Turner


Ram’s Pocket Radio

Coal, my lips are sealed by RAMS' pocket radio

Sacred Animals

Sweet Jane

The Lost Brothers

Under the Turquoise Sky by TheLostBrothers

The Mighty Stef

We Want Blood by THE MIGHTY STEF

The Minutes

Fleetwood by The Minutes

Amhrán Gach Lá - Maria Byrne

Corkonian Maria Byrne now based in London released a wonderful little EP last year and is following it up this year with more releases such as this song 'Little Basement' which made it's way onto YouTube last weekend. I love the charm and simplicity of Maria's music.

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Single Review: David Hope & The Henchmen - Hell or High Water

Quality first single from the recently formed group David Hope & The Henchmen

The rootsy folk inspired band are made up of David Hope - Vocals & Guitar & Banjo, Eoin Jordan - Bouzouki & Mandolin & Guitar, David Murphy - Pedal Steel & Guitar & Dobro and Kevin Jones - Drums. Their sound could be described as an Irish Calexico! I'm a big fan of David Hope's solo material from 2007 - 2009 but being backed by a band of such great quality offers so much more to David's sound.

'Hell or High Water' is the first single to be taken from the forthcoming album which is tentatively planned to be on release by the end of the year. It's a song or passion driven by the husky vocals of David Hope and the crunching sounds of the Pedal Steel. It's a great introduction to the band who have a bunch of amazing songs in them!

Hell or High Water by David Hope+The Henchmen


Choice Music Prize 2010

The Choice Music Awards take place in Vicar Street tomorrow night. At around the 11 PM mark the winner will be announced from this bunch of 10 shortlisted albums:

Adebisi Shank
This is the Second Album of a band called Adebisi Shank
Richter Collective

Adebisi Shank - Genki Shank by mark_hamer

The Cast Of Cheers
Self Released

The Cast of Cheers - Tigerfox by Richter Collective

Cathy Davey
The Nameless
Hammer Toe Records

Army Of Tears by schlafshane

Fight Like Apes
The Body of Christ & The Legs of Tina Turner
Model Citizen

Fight Like Apes - Hoo Ha Henry by The Clink

It Goes, It Goes (Forever & Ever)
Hate is The Enemy

Darling, You'll Meet Your Maker by halves

Imelda May

Imelda May - Mayhem by charmfactory

James Vincent McMorrow
Early in The Morning
Burning Rope

James Vincent McMorrow - We Don't Eat (live) @ The Button Factory by Piwik

O Emperor
Hither Thither

O Emperor - Po by DamianChennells

Two Door Cinema Club
Tourist History

02 Two Door Cinema Club - Acoustic at Channel 92.3 by channel923

Becoming A Jackal

Villagers - I Saw The Dead by musicmule



Aidan Cuffe

Ray Darcy
Today FM

Michelle Doherty
Phantom 105.2

Dave Fanning

Shane Hegarty
Irish Times

Chris Jones
Alternative Ulster

Danny McElhinney
Irish Mail on Sunday

John Meagher
Irish Independent

Jenny Mulligan

Celina Murphy

Phil Udell

Tony Clayton-Lea
Chairman of Judging Panel

It's hard to argue with a list like this. There's a very weak album here which I hope doesn't win. In terms of a deserved win the obvious choice is either Villagers or Cathy Davey. I'd love it if O Emperor got the nod. I hope James V McMorrow wins. Halves is another album I've enjoyed but I wouldn't hold out any hope for it. The Cast of Cheers and Adebisi Shank wont win and Two Door Cinema Club are almost too global. Imelda May has a good chance but I hope the judges don't settle on her for the win!

James Vincent McMorrow for the win! Fingers & toes crossed!

Amhrán Gach Lá - The Blue Choir

Taken from The Gig FB Event page:

"...... we in The Blue Choir haven't played an auld gig in a while and so we said lets do a FREE one

But main reason for this show is because our beloved Drummer
Monsieur Scott "Johnsonhouse" Johnson is leaving for the U,S and A
soon and we had to give him a good farewell show.....cause he's lovely

also on the night there shall be music of the highest quality


Awake Young Soldiers



I cannot recommend The Blue Choir and Awake Young Soldiers enough. I've yet to hear Shadowplay but their guitarist Stevie is also a member of the other two bands playing!

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Single Review: Yngve & The Innocent - Draw a Line

Blissful Americana pop from hugely talented Irish raised songwriter and his and band.

I don't normally do single reviews on the blog but I thought I'd make an exception or two for this week. Every now and again I get a batch of wonderful tracks which deserve their own post. Today I'm talking about the song you can hear below by Yngve & The Innocent called 'Draw a Line'.

In many respects is a perfect post election track. We are encouraged to draw a line and move on! I'm hoping the General Election was that line. The harmonies of the chorus are brimming with charm. The melodies and the piano gleefully glide along, the vocals are quality and there's a great uplifting message. A really impressive single which should be played on all the radio stations.

Draw A Line by Yngve & The Innocent

Yngve & The innocent are playing a whole host of gigs in support of the single. Check out the links to find out more!


I'll be at this gig on March 25th in The Grand Social!